Holaeco's Ecofriendly Food Packaging


Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI, USA)

European Bioplastics Seedling (EN 13432)

OK Compost Industrial (EN 13432)

Singapore Environment Council Green Label

Aerobic Biodegradation ISO 17088 (Interim)

Aerobic Biodegradation ISO 17088 (Final)

Bio Degradation EN 13432

Food Contact Safe

Toxins Free

100% Biobased


Heavy Metals Free

Oil & Water Resistance

FSSAI Compliance

Odour & Taste Certified

National Restaurant Association of India

Compression Testing

Volume to Weight Testing

Heavy Metals and Ash EN 13432

PFAS Free (1)

PFAS Free (2)

PFAS Free (3)

Eco Toxicity EN 13432

Eco Toxicity EN 13432