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Individual Paper Wrapped Birch Wood Coffee Sticks

Sanitary paper wrpped coffee sticks

There are many shapes of the coffee stirring bar, usually one end is placed in the coffee, which is conducive to better dissolution of coffee powder and sugar for easy access to the bottom of the cup, and the other end is exposed outside, which is convenient for fingers to hold. When you stir coffee, you can hold the stirring rod with a brush-like holding method, use your wrist to stir in a circle, and a cup of delicious coffee will appear in front of you.

Material Birch wood
Color Natural
Size 90mm,110mm,140mm,178mm,customized,ect
Feature Disposable Eco-friendly
Logo Customized
Package cartons customized to customer requirments
Trade terms FOB,EXW ,CIF,ect
Payment T/T,L/C,ect
Delivery time The first time about 45 days after confirming
Usage Home,Dinner,Restaurant,Hotel,Holiday,Picnic,Bar,ect


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