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Wholesale Food Grade Bulk Wooden Disposable Cutlery Set

Disposable wooden cutlery necessary for healthy eating

The technological process of wooden cutlery is introduced. The production line is in an independent workshop to reduce the environmental pollution caused by noise and dust. The workshop is equipped with corresponding fire fighting equipment to prevent fire. For raw materials such as wood, it is necessary to concentrate on processing and blanking, and use them rationally, so that the long materials are not short, and the excellent materials are not inferior. The materials used should be purchased according to the production schedule, and the machines should be kept clean during the processing of the production line to reduce the fire hazard. Reusable wood can be placed in different categories after being processed, which can be used reasonably and save resources. Processed semi-finished products and finished products should be put into storage in time and properly kept to prevent moldy waste of resources.

Material Birch wood
Color Natural
Size 110mm,140mm,160mm,185mm,customized,ect
Feature Disposable Eco-friendly
Logo Customized
Package cartons customized to customer requirments
Trade terms FOB,EXW ,CIF,ect
Payment T/T,L/C,ect
Delivery time The first time about 45 days after confirming
Usage Home,Dinner,Restaurant,Hotel,Holiday,Picnic,Bar,ect


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