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Biodegradable Disposable Wood Cutlery Set

Disposable wooden cutlery necessary for healthy eating

Knife and fork is a famous symbol of western food culture and an important part of western etiquette culture. Knives and forks can’t refer to people, and spoons can’t be in your mouth. When talking with others on the way to dinner, the knife and fork should be placed on the plate in Chinese characters, with the blade facing inward, not facing outward, and the fork with the bow facing up and the teeth facing down. This action is to tell the waiter and others that I haven’t finished this dish. If the knives and forks are arranged side by side, with the blade facing inward and the fork teeth facing upward, it means to stop eating and take it away.

Material Birch wood
Color Natural
Size 110mm,140mm,160mm,185mm,customized,ect
Feature Disposable Eco-friendly
Logo Customized
Package cartons customized to customer requirments
Trade terms FOB,EXW ,CIF,ect
Payment T/T,L/C,ect
Delivery time The first time about 45 days after confirming
Usage Home,Dinner,Restaurant,Hotel,Holiday,Picnic,Bar,ect


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