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Environmental Protection High Quality Birch Wooden Disposable Knife

Disposable wooden cutlery necessary for healthy eating

The following is an introduction about wooden knives, hoping to help you better understand wooden knives. Degradable wooden knives replace non-degradable plastic knives. Plastic products may use inferior or recycled plastics and contain harmful substances. The higher the temperature, the easier the harmful substances are to decompose, which will seriously endanger people’s health when they use them. The darker and brighter the plastic knives, the greater the potential safety hazard. Our wooden knives come from nature as raw materials, and no harmful substances are added in the production process, which is environmentally friendly and safe, degradable after use, and friendly to the environment.

Material Birch wood
Color Natural
Size 110mm,140mm,160mm,185mm,customized,ect
Feature Disposable Eco-friendly
Logo Customized
Package cartons customized to customer requirments
Trade terms FOB,EXW ,CIF,ect
Payment T/T,L/C,ect
Delivery time The first time about 45 days after confirming
Usage Home,Dinner,Restaurant,Hotel,Holiday,Picnic,Bar,ect


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