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Direct Factory Natural Hygienic Disposable Wooden Chopsticks

Disposable sanitary and convenient chopsticks

Square bamboo chopstick is round at one end and square at the other, representing the place where heaven is round. People pay attention to “harmony between heaven and earth” in everything, and the manufacture and use of chopsticks also contain this traditional philosophy. At the same time, people pay more attention to the use of chopsticks. When placing chopsticks, they should not be uneven in length. When eating, they should not hold chopsticks in their mouths to make noises, and it is impossible to beat dishes with chopsticks. A pair of seemingly ordinary chopsticks, however, carry so many ancient life philosophies, which need to be carefully understood and remembered by everyone when using chopsticks.

Material wood & bamboo
Color Natural
Size 203mm,180mm,240mm,ect
Feature Disposable Eco-friendly
Logo Customized
Package cartons customized to customer requirments
Trade terms FOB,EXW ,CIF,ect
Payment T/T,L/C,ect
Delivery time The first time about 45 days after confirming
Usage Home,Dinner,Restaurant,Hotel,Holiday,Picnic,Bar,ect


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